The Jackson Zoning Board delayed taking action on a proposal to build an all-girls Orthodox Jewish High School on Cross Street, according to the Asbury Park Press.Instead, officials announced at last night's meeting, a fifth hearing on the 400-student, two story Oros Bais Yaakov school will be held on June 18th. The Asbury Park Press reports the news was met with protests from the crowd of some 500 Jackson residents and Lakewood parents. Debate on the proposal began in October.

Jackson zoning board hearing on proposed Orthodox high school (Ocean County Signal via Facebook)

A variance is needed because schools are not permitted within the residential zone of mostly 1-acre lots. The school would be built on a 7.5- acre parcel.

Jackson residents opposed to the plan have expressed concerns about additional traffic in the quiet neighborhood and the threat to wells of surrounding homes.

The proposal includes a septic and well system that would process 4,250 gallons of sewage each day, according to the Asbury Park Press. The Jackson Municipal Utilities Authority does not have water connections in the neighborhood.