Legislation has been introduced to make it easier for those with HIV and AIDS, who deliberately infect their partners without telling them, to be prosecuted criminally.

AIDS Awareness Red Ribbon (Photodisc, Getty Images)

The measure would allow prosecutors to access the medical records of those accused of this behavior, and use it as evidence in court. This is something that is currently not allowed.

Two Garden State women, who contracted HIV from a retired police captain who never told them he was infected, are supporting the legislation.

"I decided to go public because I want this never to happen to another victim again, but if it does, we want to have the appropriate law in place so they can be prosecuted for their bad behavior," said Jane Doe number one, one of the women who did not want her real name disclosed.

"I'm a pretty trusting person, and so you're really taken back and you have to take stock of what has happened," Jane Doe number two said. "You have to take something that is a bad situation and turn it into a positive."

Jane Doe number one said she felt "complete betrayal that I held most dearly to me, whom I loved for a very long time, who I had been in a committed relationship with for a long time- that betrayal was the hardest thing that we still work through."

"Because of the shame associated with a crime such as this, you always second-guess your decisions and what did I do wrong, but sometimes we don't have control over other people's behavior."

Her reason for going public is simple.

"If you can connect with another person who's gone through this, or they hear someone else's story, to say they've gone through this and they're fine, then they're on the path to healing."

She also says there are gifts associated with this kind of struggle.

"You look back and say, 'oh my God that was the worst thing I've ever gone through - no matter what it is,' but you have another choice about how to deal with it, you go back and you think about what are the gifts, what did you learn, because each person has their own journey. We are our brother's keeper, we should be caring about each other, right, I mean really, it's simple, we make it complicated, it really is simple."