It seems like it's got your best interests in mind, but a scam flaring up among Ocean County retirees is anything but that.

Flickr user srqpix

According to county officials, seniors are being plagued by scammers offering free Personal Emergency Response Systems. Victims who take the bait end up giving away their bank account numbers, social security information and other personal data.

"Our seniors need to know that this is nothing more than a scam to get personal information from unsuspecting senior citizens,” said Freeholder Director John Kelly, who also serves as Director of Law and Public Safety.

According to board member Joe Vicari, Chairman of Senior Services, there actually is information available about Personal Emergency Response Systems for any older individual living in Ocean County. Staffers at the county Office of Senior Services have details at 732-929-2091.

“We have a well trained, highly professional staff that can help our seniors by providing them with the correct information,” Vicari said. “Seniors should never provide personal information to anyone who may be offering a free service.”

In other words, if it's free, it's probably worth what you paid for it.