More and more commuters who use New Jersey Transit trains are taking advantage of the quiet cars for their ride to and from work.

“The program was rolled out in 2010, it was expanded in January of 2011 and then it was expanded again in May 2011,” said John Durso Jr., spokesperson for New Jersey Transit.

New Jersey Transit introduced quiet cars at the request of passengers who are spending more time commuting, dealing with ongoing stress at work and looking for quiet when they can get it. “Currently, we have quiet cars on the front end going into the Hoboken Terminal and on the back end coming out during peak hours,” said Durso. “In addition, on the Northeast Corridor, you’ll see quiet commute cars on the front and the back during peak hours as well.”

“Our customers have been very, very clear that they enjoy the quiet commute cars and they want to see them on our trains,” said Durso. “You will see signs on the cars and conductors will make announcements alerting riders to the fact that they are riding on a quiet car which means any business should be conducted in a subdued voice, headphones must be worn and conversations should not be heard by others.”

“We are always evaluating the progress of any of our key initiatives and we look at our survey results and we consider the feedback we get from commuters,” said Durso. “So, there is always the possibility that the program will be expanded even further.”