Video that captured the scene of Monday's hit-and-run in Brick Township that left a 68-year-old man lying in a roadway in critical condition sheds additional light on the search for the driver.

Police respond to pedestrian accident in Brick (Chris Swendeman, Townsquare Media NJ)

Brick Township police now say that the car that hit James Cox might be a late-model Hyundai Sonata, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry or Nissan Maxima. They are holding to their earlier assessment that it's dark-colored, but now are focused on gray or blue.

Police also said that the license plate number is believed to contain the letters "C," "H" and "Z."

The investigation has attracted the attention of investigators from the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office in Toms River.

Cox's condition remains unchanged, police said. He was struck while crossing Lanes Mills Road, several hundred feet south of Burnt Tavern Road, at about 5:43 PM. Cox sustained multiple serious injuries.

According to information from the desk of Sergeant Henry Drew, video images show heavy traffic volume at the moment of impact. This leads them to believe that several drivers either saw it occur, or saw the car move to the roadside briefly before pulling away.

Traffic Safety officers ask you to report any unusual activity visible from streetside in your neighborhood, such as a vehicle parked and covered, stowed in a backyard or garage, left for days in a parking lot, or a vehicle that no longer appears in an accustomed area.

Officer Jay Lampiasi can be reached at 732-262-2242. Detective David Margentino's line at the county Prosecutor's office is 732-929-2027, extension 2946.