Another Ocean County School District grapples with mold concerns just weeks before the official start of the fall semester. However, the Berkeley Township School District appears to have dodged the worst.

Schools Superintendent James Roselli says the mold was discovered in the classroom wings on the first floor of the Elementary School building during a routine walk through the week of August 20th and they immediately called a company to perform remediation work. Roselli says following the work, air quality test deemed the building safe for students and staff as they head back to school this Thursday.

Roselli says the remediation company informed them that they caught the mold at a good time. He adds that the predominantly hard surfaces through out the facility also contributed to the company's ability to clean and get significant results. "It's when you have fabrics and carpets. That's when it tends to become an issue."

The school district held a meeting Tuesday night to inform parents about the situation.

However, mold is not an issue the Berkeley Township School district is planning dealing with in going forward. Roselli says "we are currently in the process of hiring an engineering firm that worked with the Barnegat Schools when they had an issue with mold to make sure that this doesn't happen again in the future."

The Elementary School Building is only about eight years old.

In the Manchester Township School District, the high school is being shared with the Middle School temporarily following the discovery of mold.