If you're still cleaning up after Sandy or are ready to rebuild, there's a special mold seminar tomorrow that may be of some help.

(UMDNJ School of Public Health)

Although we are approaching seven months since the superstorm hit, did you know there are some people who have yet to return to their homes?  Now that temps are warmer, many out-of-towners with summer properties at the shore are coming back for the first time.

The Mold Awareness seminar takes place at the Ocean Beach First Aid building, just north of Lavallette.

By the end of the program, homeowners should be able to:


  •     Identify how and where to look for mold in their home
  •     Understand how to protect themselves when cleaning up mold
  •     Understand the types of personal and respiratory protection needed to protect      themselves
  •   Know what questions to ask mold remediation contractors
  • Understand clean-up procedures and other environmental and safety issues that may be present when cleaning up after a hurricane or flood.


The Seminar takes place from 9:30 a.m. till 12:30 p.m.

Pre-register for tomorrow's session online at ophp.umdnj.edu/moldtraining/moldtraining/Main.html