Despite a decision by the Brick Council on an ordinance concerning the Mayor's compensation, the issue is far from over. 

Mayor Steve Acropolis says the ordinance is full of loopholes that he predicts will one day be abused and does nothing to address the compensation of other elected officials. He even takes two Council Members to task for using municipal health benefits valued at $25,000 each while only serving as part time elected officials.

Acropolis says the ordinance passed Tuesday night ,February 28th, allows Mayor's who work 34-hours a week or less to collect a $52,000 annual salary. Elected Mayors with full-time jobs elsewhere will be compensated $15,000 a year. Acropolis says he asked Council President John Ducey, "how do you ascertain how many hours that person is working? If somebody works for themselves, if they're a Landscaper, if they're an Accountant, how do you do that?" Acropolis says the answer he received is that the ordinance is self policing.

Acropolis says the new Democratic-controlled Council has a chance to really take the issue of elected officials compensation head-on. "So then put together a Blue Ribbon Panel of former elected officials, Democrats and Republicans, Citizens of Brick. Look at what we can do to come up with a comprehensive restructuring when it comes to benefits for our elected officials in Brick."

Meanwhile, Acropolis has taken himself out of the political sniping and says he's sticking to his earlier proposition. I decided to wave my salary. I'll be the Mayor of Brick Township for a dollar and I'll do that for the next two years and if I go forward, I'll do it for the next four years as well."