A group of Manchester residents collect a contribution for the township police K-9 squad, and they're treated to a demonstration in return.

Manchester Police K-9 Team (Manchester PD)

The Crestwood Village II Residents' Club hosted Officers Marc Micciula and Steven Wendruff, their furry partners Storm and Lynk, and with Patrol Sergeant Robert Sharry, on January 11.

Storm and Lynk went through their paces while Micciula and Wendruff explained how they and the dogs communicate, and how the four-legged sleuths root out drugs and apprehend criminals.

The Residents' Club, led by Linda Hill, produced a $200 donation tol help cover the cost of equipment for the unit and of continued training for the dogs and handlers, police said.

The K-9 unit was created in 2014. According to Lieutenant Vincent Manco, donations help offset costs of care, maintenance and training that would otherwise be included in the township budget.

Manchester Police K-9 Team (Manchester PD)


The non-profit Manchester Township Police Foundation tends donations that support the K-9 teams as well as youth and community programs, police charities, advanced education and training, and specialized equipment.

To donate, visit the Manchester Township PD web site and enter the "Police Foundation" portal.

Donations specifically for the K-9 Unit should be noted on checks.

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