A new machine popping up in malls across the state uses high tech computer measurements to give you an exact clothing size and end the “will this fit?” guessing game.

The invention is called Me-Ality and Tanya Shaw, CEO Unique Solution and Me Ality, had the idea while in her prior job at a design company. She noticed the frustration many women (and men) had picking out clothes that fit them well, especially when in came to finding the right sizes in their favorite stores

“Basically we started looking into is there a way to automate fits, it there a way to help customers find what fits quicker and faster by using some of the emerging technologies.”

The Me Ality Stations are already in 50 locations throughout the country. In New Jersey they are in Woodbridge Center, Quakerbridge Mall in Lawrenceville and Willowbrook Mall in Wayne.

All anyone has to do is step inside the booth (in clothes) and let the machine do it’s work.

“There’s basically a wand that rotates around the body, takes about 20 seconds. That wand allows us to capture body measurements through what’s called millimeter wave technology. That let’s us capture body dimensionality body measurements that we then marry up against a database of designer brands and styles and sizes.”

The process is free and dozens of major clothing retailers are partnered with the company to have their ideal sizes listed in your Me-Ality read out. Shaw says this is especially helpful since often the same size can be fitted differently in different stores, and variances in waist measurement and fabric stretch could mean what fits you in one store might not fit in another.

“What we do is we work with the brands to understand what their sizing specs are. So we understand what their 32 waist really is, what their size eight really is.”

Then every season brands are updated to reflect current measurement.

For anyone concerned that this could be the fashion equivalent of the body scanners you see at airports, Shaw says there’s no need to worry. No photographs are taken, just measurements and all data is saved on a separate off site database.

Shaw notes companies are signing up to be part of the Me-Ality reference because as she notes customers who don’t have to deal with frustration over finding the right size are more likely to buy something they like.

Additionally for consumers, knowing what their exact size is lets them shop with confidence online without having to worry about buying the wrong size and returning it.

Shaw also notes the process emboldens shoppers, many who would often walk by stores and be too scared to walk in because they assume ‘there’s nothing that fits me.”

“By getting the shopping guide in advance that says “yes there is a pair of jeans that fit me and fit me great” they’re more encouraged to go in.”

She adds when customers go into the fitting rooms and everything fits all they have to worry about is whether they like the color, design, or price point. Which Shaw says is a much more positive experience than asking for a next size up then what you take into the fitting room.