So have you ever had a visit to your home from our little woodland creature friends ? I love animals , but not so much when they destroy my property ( lol ) I have some fantastic trees, bushes, bird houses etc on my property that they are more than welcome to call home.....not my furnace!

Let me backtrack....I woke up one day this week noticing something, it was FREEZING in my house ! I went to the thermostat to find it was 58 degrees ..... thank goodness its been a warm Winter so far, but still thats chillllllly

I knew something was wrong with the furnace, and as all homeowners know that cannot be good news, so thats how my day started at 3 am.  So the call went out to our heating/AC contractor who said they'd be out first thing in the morning.....

Before we go further, please share your stories of how those "little critters" somehow caused havoc at your house, would love hearing from listeners with their tails ! ( Pun Intended, Get It ? ) Post below

So later that morning we are keeping our fingers crossed it is not a major problem with our furnace and after a little investigation our contractor discovered the culprit .... a lil chipmunk or mouse decided to make a home during the early Fall , before Winter set our furnace ! and straw, leaves and acorns do not help your heating system operate at full capacity lol. So after proper cleaning etc our heat was back on :)

So if this Winter your furnace has troubles maybe have the repair person check your system for "little critter" obstructions causeing your system to shut down...could save time and money

Finally.... No "little critters" were harmed writing this blog and hopefully mr chipmunk/mouse has found a new place to call home, just not in my home .