It's a clear sunny day in Ocean County, just like the weather I enjoyed for 10 days in London, England.  Surprised?  Yeah, me too.  Though I packed for the grey, damp conditions that London is known for, I welcomed the warmth and sunshine as I explored this great city, half the time by myself, and half with my good friend, Kirsty.   Besides the weather, here are some other highlights:

Seeing "Billy Elliott" on stage, with amazing dancing and great music by Elton John.

Spending a day at the Olympic Stadium where we watched disabled athletes perform amazing feats.  (I'll write more about the Paralympics later this week.)

Eating jam donuts.  I don't know why, but England's version of the jelly donut is just better.

Riding the trains.  It's so easy to get around using the London Underground system, also known as 'the tube."  Never had to wait more than 2 minutes for a train.  Each is clean and brightly painted.

Looking at the gardens.  London seems to have an abundance of gorgeous plants and flowers.  The picture above is one of many gardens to enjoy while walking along the Thames River.  No admission fee required.  Everyone's just welcome to enjoy the beauty.

Some other things I appreciate about London:  how polite everyone is and how recycling and "rubbish" bins are easy to find (meaning less trash on the street.)  London is a lovely, friendly city with plenty to offer.  It's easy to navigate.  And from there, it's easy to go anywhere else in Europe by plane or train.

Have you been to London?  What are some things YOU like about it?