One of Ocean Gate's wind turbines is temporarily out of commission after a late morning lightening strike Thursday fried the transformer. Mayor Paul Kennedy said lightening struck wind turbine number 2 that powers the fire house and water treatment plant but he said there are no signs of further damage to the facilities.

Kennedy said preliminary estimates place the cost of repairs at less than $5,000 but it will be fully covered by insurance. He adds the fire house and water treatment plants were spared any further electrical damage because it was protected by a recent $65,000 electrical equipment upgrade.

The 120 foot tall wind turbine was put up two years ago and saves the facilities almost 50 percent of its electric cost.

Mayor Kennedy said public safety is their highest priority and the turbine will remain off line until it's fully inspected. He also said the incident will not impact property taxes.

Ocean Gate is the first municipality in the state to erect its own wind turbine. The town installed the first 100 foot turbine 5 years ago at next to the municipal building.