The Wolf Family at the dedication of the Warren Wolf Elementary School in Brick( Kevin Willilams, Townsquare Media NJ)

It is in some ways the ultimate honor and reserved for the truly special and clearly Warren Wolf falls into the category of those that are truly special. 


Warren Wolf and his wife Peggy at the dedication of the Dedication of the Warren Wolf Elementary School in Brick (Kevin Williams, Townsquare Media NJ)

On Monday the Brick Township Board of Education formally changed the name of what had been the district’s Primary Learning Center on Chambers Bridge Road to Warren H. Wolf Elementary School. About 100 people were on hand for what turned out to be a moving tribute to a man best known for his prowess as a football coach but yet honored more for his character than his impressive won-loss record. 

Those in attendance to pay tribute to the 86-year old coaching legend represented decades of Brick “Green Dragon” football while many others were those Wolf had touched during a lifetime of public service to the school district as well as the community he helped put on the map.

Board of Education President Sharon Cantillo paid tribute to Wolf during her opening comments and she was followed to the podium by Superintendent Dr. Walter Uszenski, school principal Rochelle Sheiman, Brick Township High School Principal Dennis Filippone, assistant high school principal William Kleissler, former Mayor Steve Acropolis, Freeholders Joe Vicari and Gerry Little and Warren Wolf Jr. who spoke on behalf of his grateful family. 

The common theme among all the speakers was the character and dignity displayed by Wolf throughout his career as an educator, coach, political and community leader. 


Warren Wolf and BTHS Principal Dennis Filippone at the dedication of the Dedication of the Warren Wolf Elementary School in Brick (Kevin Williams,Townsquare Media NJ)

Filippone talked about a near five-decade relationship as a player, fellow coach and friend and his touching comments had Coach Wolf fighting back tears, which he would do on several occasions.Acropolis hit the nail on the head when he said that Joseph Brick might be the township’s founder but that Warren Wolf was its father. During his comments Warren Jr. not only paid tribute to his father but his mother Peggy, who for 51 years hosted a spaghetti dinner for all the Green Dragon seniors after the season was over.

For a brief period not too long ago there were some bad feelings between Wolf and the Board of Education over the football program but that is clearly in the past and the Board and Superintendent should be congratulated for the vision to honor Brick’s greatest citizen with a tribute that will last forever.