Kidding around Monday with a co-worker I said we should start a “let the healing begin” movement after the presidential election. 

Let’s face it the losing side is not going to be happy and it won’t help that if it’s Donald Trump he may whine about how the election was stolen from him.  However we have learned throughout history that eventually the results will be old news and most of us will simply get on with our lives.

Which brings me to my point this morning.  We might not be able to help heal our nation but we can make an impact on what does happen right here and it does not take much effort.  I said to my wife Jane last week that I have consciously begun my own campaign to be a more courteous person especially when driving. 

Even though I always feel like I’m in a hurry I now pay more attention to doing the little things which might bring a smile or wave from others.  How much time do we lose by allowing someone to enter a roadway by getting in front of us?  You know how frustrating it can be at times and how good it feels when someone waves you in front…why not return the favor. 

It’s the same when it comes to holding a door open for others, especially when you see people with their arms full.  More often than not the person will thank you or tell you to have a nice day because of that simple and I do mean simple act.

Look we live in what at times is a cruel world. why not go out of your way to make things just a little better because that random act of kindness will be returned.  Not all the time but enough to make you feel good and put a smile on your face which is what you did for someone else.

Try it today…and tomorrow…and the next day.