A Trenton lawmaker is introducing legislation he says is needed to crack down on the use of children in sex ads.

State Senator ‘Kip’ Bateman says these sex ads have been showing up in places such as Craigslist and elsewhere, utilizing kids as young as 13.

He says, “It is utterly incomprehensible to abuse children in sex advertisement and to publish those ads for a buck.”

Bateman says enough is enough.

“We have to send a strong message that you cannot utilize minors in these advertisements. All it is doing is promoting human trafficking.”

Bateman’s bill, introduced Wednesday, would make the use of minors in sex ads a third-degree crime, punishable by imprisonment of three to five years and a 10-thousand dollar fine. It’s modeled after a Washington state law and also requires those running the ads to verify that those in the ads are at least 18.

Bateman urged the Legislature to move the bill forward immediately to save and protect New Jersey children.