There's a lot to talk about when we discuss Summer in Ocean County. We've mentioned the unofficial signs of Summer, of course there's traffic and parking hassles, and there are a lot of police patrols on the highways.

I had a few friends visit this past weekend, one from up North and another out towards Philly, both said that they noticed a lot of police cars on their trips. Of course, this can be a good thing - we know that our local servicemen and women are keeping us safe, but it can also be a bad thing (depending on what kind of police officer is involved).


We've all gotten pulled over, and most of us have gotten tickets. Have you gotten lucky and gotten out of a ticket?

I'll knock on wood as I'm saying this, but I've gotten lucky a couple of times. I've dealt with reasonable officers who weren't out to hassle anyone and let me off with a warning (at the same time, though, I've also gotten a ticket or two that I thought was unfair).

I try to be polite ("yes, sir", "no, sir", etc) and keep my cool. There's no better way to guarantee yourself a ticket than to be argumentative with the officer. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

So I want to know your tips. Have you managed to get out of tickets? If so, how? Are you just unlucky and you always get slapped with a fine? Are there any specific areas in Ocean County that are notorious for getting pulled over? Leave your comments below and let us know!