Eight remaining crew members of the World War II Navy Destroyer USS Lavallette will be celebrating the 125th birthday of the New Jersey town that share's the ships name this weekend.

SS Lavallette (Borough Of Lavallette)

Lavallette Borough Council President Anita Zalom says it's the last reunion of the men who served on that battleship.  "They will be joining us and they're going to put a wreath on their bell and it sits in front of our Borough Hall."

Zalom says the crew members will also be greeted by the Upper Shores Library in Lavallette that will be opening up special this Sunday for an art display featuring the sketches of a fellow sailor who journaled their travels, the ship and ship mates in his works. The sketches will also be on display at the library for two months.

Zalom says the crew members will be boarding a special bus that will be traveling in a parade that kicks off at 12:30.  "A lot of the businesses in town and the organizations and the churches and the schools and we've got marching bands. They've all decided to take part in a great parade."  She says the parade will be led by Grand Marshal Heritage Committee Founder Joy Grosko who will be riding in a convertible with the Mayor.

Zalom says after the parade, a fundraising Barbecue is being prepared by the borough's Firemen and the Lady's Auxiliary, which will be followed by Garvey Races, A D-J and Fireworks display.

Lavallette was founded by four Physicians who originally purchased the land on the Barnegat Peninsula as a Sanitarium because of the fresh open air and salt water. However, a change of plans led to the creation of the borough that they chose to name Lavallette after Elie A.F. La Vallette, one of the first Rear Admirals appointed to the U.S. Navy.  Two Navy Battleship were named after him as well.

Get the details on the days scheduled at lavallette.org