Eight alleged worker-safety violations land a Lakewood merchandise printing firm in hot water with the U.S. Labor Department.

Six of the infractions cited against Plan B Productions are considered serious, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), including excessive heat in the silkscreening area. Inspectors have proposed a $7,000 fine, plus another $11,200 in penalties for other citations. The company has 15 days to take corrective action.

According to information from OSHA, a complaint lodged in June led to the discovery of a raft of problems, including blocked exit routes; improper storage of flammable liquids; mislabeled hazardous chemicals; lack of eye protection for workers wearing prescription lenses; lack of information and training for employees; lack of oversight in use of flexible cords; lack of a written hazard-communication program; and lack of safety data sheets for hazardous chemicals.

OSHA defines serious violations as those with a substantial probability of death or serious physical harm in situations that should be known, or are known, by the employer.

Infractions classified as other-than-serious include failure to certify completion of personal protective equipment assessments, and failure to equip workers with the document known as Appendix D, which carries instructions about respirator use.

OSHA maintains a toll-free line to report workplace hospitalizations, deaths and dangerous situations, as well as to ask questions, get compliance help and file complaints: 800-321-OSHA (800-321-6742). The agency also maintains an office in Marlton: 856-596-5200.

There is also a wealth of useful information at the OSHA web page.