What does an iPod, a laptop, hundreds of dollars in jewelry and some loose change have in common?  They were just some of the loot stolen from nine homes in the Forked River area during the last week. 

Lacey Police patrol car (Lacey Police)

The Lacey Township Police Department is investigating each of the incidents.

Police Chief William Nally tells WOBM News that there has been a recent spike in burglaries.  He doesn't feel it has anything to do with the economy, but rather a way to get a quick buck for drug habits.  Nally says "I have talked to several neighboring police departments and hear the same thing.  Many of these items that get taken are then pawned off for pennies on the dollar to secure illegal prescription drugs.  We certainly have our hands full."

From September 12th to the 17th, there was a total of 9 break-ins.  Some of them were forced entry while others, the people gained access through an unlocked door or open window.  Some of the incidents took place at Parkside Drive, Trenton Avenue North, Clifton Street, Orlando Drive and Bullard Avenue.

Chief Nally says "we don't believe these incidents are related and we always have to do a thorough investigation in these matters.  It's rather difficult and challenging."

So far, at least one arrest is pending.

Nally reminds everyone to always lock your doors, store your valuables in a safe place and if you're going out, try and make it look as if someone was home.