The trail leading to the individiual in the photo at right grows cold for police in the Township of Ocean. They hope that you can help reheat it.

Wanted (Township of Ocean PD)

Authorities said that they have exhausted all known leads in an attempt to identify him. They did not elaborate on the incident to which he's connected, the location or date in which it took place, or their interest in seeking him.

Information from someone who recognizes him would allow closure for the victim and the business involved, police said.

Their only extraneous piece of informaiton is that he might be from the Bergen County area.

Police Detective Michael Melody can be reached at 732-531-1428, extension 224.

Crime tips can be left confidentially and directly through the Township of Ocean PD Facebook page or Twitter account.

Tips can be left anonymously via e-mail or at 732-531-3323

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