Is that what I think it is?

Ever pull into the supermarket, see the discarded shopping carts erratically strewn all over  the lot and think, Uh oh.  Not good.    You carefully navigate around them and if you're like me, you find the space furthest away from "cart central"  because the last thing you want is to come out to find one up against your car door.

Ah yes,  the unavoidable shopping cart "ding".  I've had a few.  But I think I may just have found the solution to insuring it never happens again.

I call it "Kart Karma"

It's simple.  When I come out of the store, no matter how tired I am, or how FAR AWAY the shopping cart corral is, I walk it back and put it in it's place.  I believe this insures my "Kart Karma".

So far, so good.  Pass the word.  No more dings, Kart Karma forever!