I'll admit that my signature is pretty much a scribble. You can pick out the "J" and the "L", but that's about it.

In college, when I went to the financial aid office to sign for the loans, one of the office workers told me that every letter of my name had to be legible (including my middle name, and I never sign my middle name). It was awkward because I really had to take my time, think about it, and form each letter slowly. But I also thought that it kind of defeated the purpose. If anyone were to ever compare that signature to any other official signatures of mine; my drivers license, Social Security card, passport, etc, they wouldn't match.

But when you're a government official, apparently it's important that people know who's signing the document. New treasury secretary Jack Lew had to alter his illegible scrawl for his official signature on the dollar bill, as you can see in the picture above.

So what about you? If someone were to look at your drivers license, would they be able to decipher your name? Comment below and let us know!