Last night's Golden Globe Awards, the traditional predictor of The Oscars, was an interesting show, to say the least.

I won't make this post a day after postmortem, you can check out the summary from our colleagues over at StarCrush right here.

My question the day after the rambling, sometimes bizarre show last night is, has awards season just become too much?

Sure, it's fun to see our favorite celebrities all dressed up, and it's always nice to see our favorite movies win big prizes. But lately there have been so many smaller movies that haven't even made it to the local cineplex yet, that sometimes it's hard to care. I mean honestly, raise your hand if you've seen Silver Linings Playbook...exactly.

And it's got to be exhausting for the Hollywood people too. The People's Choice Awards were just last week. The Golden Globes were just 4 days later, the Screen Actors Guild Awards (which I'm actually a voting member of. I've been watching the screener DVDs that are sent out to voters over the past two weeks) are only two weeks away, and then before you know it, it's Oscar time. And none of this is counting all the smaller awards ceremonies (Independent Spirit Awards, New York Film Critics Circle Awards, etc).

So what do you think, is awards season overdone, or do you enjoy the variety and character of each awards show? Vote below and let us know what you think!