A number of major improvements are coming to the Lakewood Airport this fall.

Following the completion of environmental reviews, Lakewood Airport officials plan to the begin the process of reclaiming 600 feet of its 31-hundred foot runway along with a host of other projects.  Township Economic Development Director Steve Reinman says the runaway plan includes the removal of some trees, fences as well as the installation of new lighting.  He says they will also be burring some polls.

Reinman says having access to more runway space will allow for the landing of small jets.  "Small jets means the smallest class of gulf streams or citations, you know, the smaller ones.  He says larger planes still would need more runway than we have at the present time."


Reinman says they've also completed the design phase for a helipad with several parking spaces and a lighting plan.  He says they're seeing a number of company's in the Lakewood Industrial Park actually investing in their own private helicopters.   He feels this will boost the helicopter takeoff and landing activity that already occurs at the airpark.

As far as funding the projects, Reinman says most of it will be funded through grants that they've received from the Federal Government.  He says "the Lakewood Airport is a part of a network of general aviation airports that are supported through an FAA grant program that allots smalls amounts every year for basic upgrades and improvements and we've kind of been banking our yearly allotments for several years."  He says it will allow projects to run concurrently, giving them more bang for the buck.

Overtime, Reinman says they have plans for commercial development on lands that are not designated for aviation purposes.  He says "some of the funds generated through that will hopefully allow for the construction of a new terminal building with meeting rooms and dining facilities to try and make the Lakewood Airport more and more of a local attraction."

Reinman expects the improvements to make the industrial park even more attractive to new companies.  He says that will bring more jobs to Lakewood as well as tax ratables in the future.