A couple years ago I was at a very small restaurant in New York City with a few friends. I was sitting facing the door and I saw a short, distinguished man walk in with a young woman. Then the recognition hit me. I quietly said to my friends, "don't stare, but Dustin Hoffman just walked in".

As I said, it was a very small restaurant in a quiet neighborhood, so I'm guessing it was an area close to his home, and we decided not to bother him.

So if you saw a celebrity while you were out and about, how would you handle it? Would you approach the person and ask for an autograph and/or a picture? Would you approach them, but just tell them that you're a fan (not ask for a signature or a photo), would you take a picture from a distance, or would you just leave them alone?

Feel free to vote below and comment. We'd also love to read your stories about running into celebs, in the comments section!