These days I wouldn't be totally surprised if I started seeing Easter candy for sale right about now. It seems like everything gets pushed up more and more every year.

I can remember shopping at a major mass merchandiser over the summer and seeing back to school stuff out in July. I mean hey, sure it can't hurt to get a jump on things, but if I'm 15 and out shopping during the middle of my summer vacation, I don't really want to be reminded that school exists, especially if it's still not rolling around for another 6 weeks or so. Around August, the Halloween candy started sneaking in there.

It wasn't too long after that when I started seeing Christmas decorations sloooooowly starting to show up here and there. Now look, I'm no Grinch, but if it's still 75 degrees out, I'm really not thinking about whether I want a fresh or artificial tree this year.

Now I get the whole psychology of it...make consumers feel like something is right around the corner, time is running out, you better hurry and get what you need or it'll be too late! And people will spend money. And, in our current economic situation, we definitely want money to circulate.

But why rush life?

I remember being in college and my mother told me that time goes by faster and faster as you get older...that was about 12 years in point.

But that being said, why rush through the year? Let's enjoy the seasons while we're in them. Summer never lasts long enough. You blink and it's Halloween. By the time you're polishing off the Thanksgiving leftovers you're already planning Hanukkah or Christmas dinner.

So I say let's relax and enjoy. Sure give us like a month to do our season appropriate shopping, but let's not fly right through the year.

What do you think, has promoting holidays early spiraled out of control?