The front page of today’s New York Post summed Election Day up for millions of Americans: a picture of a woman holding her nose with the headline,“Vote for the one you dislike least.”

A groundbreaking, historic, controversial, interesting, unpredictable, divisive and at times nauseating election will hopefully come to a close tonight (or early tomorrow) with us electing the 44th President of the United States and it will be either the first female or the first businessman/reality TV star.  For many of us who don’t seem to have a passion for either major party candidate the joy will come in the fact that it’s over. That is if the loser accepts the results.

Front cover of the Election Day edition of the New York Post (Kevin Williams, Townsquare Media NJ)

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have their legions of strong supporters but it does not take an Ivy League degree to know that the majority of voters today will indeed likely be choosing the lesser of two evils.  While the candidates are as different as night and day they are both flawed in many ways and have left us wondering how this is the best we have to hold the office of the most powerful leader in the world.  T

hey aren’t but they are what we have to choose from with apologies to the third-party candidates who have no shot.

I am not one who will implore you to vote by saying it’s your responsibility. Rather I think it’s a privilege that you can accept or not.  In all honesty voting for President in New Jersey will not make a difference…Clinton will win the state’s electoral votes in a landslide.  However there are many other offices up for grabs on a statewide, county and local level as well as seats on your local Board of Education and a couple of ballot questions.  It will be my privilege to have a say in their outcome.