State, county and local officials may have found a solution to Beachwood Beach's water pollution problems that land it on the state and nation's worst list year after year.

Ocean County Engineer Frank Scarantino said they've been conducting a number of dye test in the water at Beachwood Beach in order to determine the constant source of contamination.

"And we've discovered some unusual eddies that keep the dye circulating around and around and never moves off the beach."

Based on the information they gathered, Scarantino said they've come up with a plan to relocate and redirect existing outfall pipes to help move storm water runoff further downstream. He said in a project that's expected to begin later this year, "two of the existing outfalls are going to be physically removed and the existing drainage systems are going to be tied into a new 48 inch trunk line that's going to run basically the length of the park."

Scarantino described a contract that was put together collaboratively with Beachwood where the borough takes the lead. He said county and local officials will enter into an agreement to share the cost. The project will also receive partial grant funding by the Clean Water Barnegat Bay Initiative.

Scarantino said borough will put the contract for the work out to bid and when the work begins, said it won't impact area roadways. However, he said it will cause the temporary closure of the Beachwood Beach parking lot.

However, while the discovery of eddy's could hold the the major key to Beachwood Beach's constant contamination, Scarantino doesn't believe it's the only source. He said they're still looking at every portion of the drainage system in Beachwood. They also believes water contamination could be making its way to the beach from the northern part of the Barnegat Bay.

Scarantino anticipates immediate improvements to the water Beachwood Beach water quality once the outfall pipe work is complete.

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