Angie's beautiful smile is radiant.  She needs some "angels" right now.  I can't even imagine if my daughter was diagnosed with cancer, let alone battling for her life.  Angie is a 9 year old local student at Joseph A. Citta Elementary that needs us to come together, donate to help her family, and let her know we are all standing by her.  We all love you beautiful girl!

Angels for Angie / gofundme

Here's Angie's story from Angels for Angie on

In her young eight years of life, Angeline (Angie) had never missed a day of school. Her bubbly personality and boundless energy was always a bright spot in my second grade classroom. Then after the Christmas break of 2015, Angie did not return to school to begin the new year.  Right after New Year's 2016, Angie was diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer of smooth muscle tissue. Immediately after being diagnosed with ARMS, Angie underwent intensive weekly chemotherapy treatments for over 14 months.  Sadly after ending her rigorous treatments, Angie, now 9 years old, was not "cancer free". In the spring of 2017 more tumors were discovered and Angie once again underwent traditional treatments. About 4 weeks ago the doctors stopped treatments because Angie's condition is no longer responding to the treatments and her tumors have spread to her lung, liver, and upper spine. Angie needs to find an unconventional and successful treatment to help her survive. Angie's mom and sole caretaker is trying to find the best clinical trials available and wants to take Angie to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Please help support Angie and her mom on this journey of helping and healing.

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