A desperate search is under way for a Manchester 74-year-old who hasn't been seen since Sunday. Township police and Ocean County investigators ask your help in bringing her home safely.

Joan Conetta's family is concerned because a lengthy time without contact is out of character for her, according to county Prosecutor Marlene Lynch Ford.

Mrs. Conetta lives in the township's Whiting section. She suffers from early stages of Alzheimer's disease and, investigators say, may be disoriented.

The missing woman has no car, leading authorities to speculate that she may be walking or may have accepted a ride. According to police, she may be carrying as much as $7,000 in cash.

Mrs. Conetta was last seen wearing a grey jogging suit. In addition to the photo in this article, you can see a detailed description in the material within the following link: http://wobm.com/files/2012/06/joan-conetta.pdf

Anyone who can help the search should call either Manchester Police Detective Hemhauser, 732-657-2009; or Detective Brian Haggerty at the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office, 732-929-2027.