That photo is only a sampling of what my mailbox has looked like the last few weeks. I have been inundated by flyers, mailers, posters and signs from political candidates of all stripes.

And the interesting thing is, it's not only one candidate. It's all of them. From both parties.

I understand that candidates have to get their messages out, but there has to be a better way.

At first I was amused. Then I was perplexed. Finally, I'm kind of irritated.

If you live in Ocean County, you have to have noticed by now that the campaigns have gotten kind of nasty, too.

On top of it all, all of the candidates are pledging fiscal responsibility, but I have to wonder - so how much do those full color, double sided mailers cost anyway? I get at least two a day, and I don't think I've gotten a single repeat.

Election day is tomorrow. The best we can make our voices heard is to go out and vote.