Get involved in a great charity event and celebrate the holiday season

I really do enjoy being able to use to help our community....its what separates our website from other radio stations because we are truly your "hometown" station. With that said...I wanna tell you about a really unique chance to help local charities and celebrate the holiday season. It's the Tuckerton Seaport Festival of Trees. It may be alittle early to put your tree up at home, but now is the time to plan for this exciting local event.

Here's how it works, Decorate a holiday tree for a charity of your choice and it'll be displayed at the Tuckerton Seaport from December 7th to January 6th. Visitors to the Seaport will vote for their favorite tree by placing a coin ( or bill ) in a ballot box designated for your tree...All proceeds gathered for your tree goes to your charity. The Seaport will even provide the tree! The tree with the most "votes" ( money ) gets the destinction of being named "Best In Show"


Trees must be decorated before Friday, December 7th

For more details Call 609-296-8868 ext 144