I was as guilty as anyone who made it sound like Labor Day weekend was the final one of summer. Yes unofficially we consider that the end of the summer “season” as schools are now open and in terms of vacationers or visitors most of them are gone.  However as you will feel today summer is still very much here in terms of weather and this time of year is often a favorite of those who live here. 

I don’t know who came up with the term “local summer” but indeed if you can then I strongly suggest you take advantage of it.  In all honesty September and yes even October might be the two nicest months of the year and allows us to do some of the things you might shy away from in July and August because of the crowds.

Take for example our beaches.  Maybe you didn’t go during the summer because you had to pay to get on them or didn’t want to be right next to other people.  Well now you can go and often have many yards in between you and the next person and it’s free!  Water temperatures are well into the 70’s although you need to realize that lifeguards are gone for the season.  And while parking meters are still enforced you can probably find free spaces within a short walk.

Here’s another one.  You can enjoy iconic shore restaurants like the Crab’s Claw Inn, Chef Mike’s ABG, Klee’s Bar & Grill and Bum Roger’s Crabhouse without waiting in long lines, especially during the week.  Same for outdoor venues like Jenkinson’s, Martell’s, The Wharfside, Water Street Grill and others.  It’s even better when the weather cools enough that you need a sweatshirt.

Throw in the fact that weekends are filled with numerous cool festivals and other themed celebrations and you have many more weeks to enjoy what’s best about this area.   “Local Summer” has arrived. Celebrate it!