I heard something disturbing this morning.  Some companies are making it okay for staff members to drink alcohol on the job.  Some are even encouraging it by sponsoring events like "Whiskey Thursdays" and "Happy Hour Fridays."  Those in favor say it helps recruit and keep good employees.  They also say it can be a teambuilding activity that encourages staff to work longer hours.  While I can understand their reasoning to some extent, I think the "cons" of workplace drinking far outweigh the "pros."

You know how people can get when they drink:  loud and obnoxious.   Why would an employer invite this type of behavior into the workplace?  Not to mention the risk of sexual harassment and drunk driving!  Plus, what about the staff members who don’t drink because they’re in recovery?  Or because of health or religious reasons?  Might they feel some pressure to drink, or feel excluded from the rest of the team?   Doesn’t a bar-type environment at the office blur the line between “work” and “play” .   For employees to be productive, I think the focus needs to be on work during office hours.  There are plenty of bars and restaurants where colleagues can go after-hours.  Allowing alcohol in the office is a bad idea, in my opinion.  What do you think?  Please post your comments below.