I have always had great respect for you.  As a matter of fact I rank you among the great “mothers” of all-time. 

Hurricane "Sandy"

My top five includes you, my mother Felice Williams, my mother-in-law Jill Viggiano, Mother Theresa and Mother Hubbard’s…a really good sports bar right across the street from Wrigley Field in Chicago.  So you are in really select company.

Now that we’ve established that can I ask what we have done to tick you off so much?  I mean we skate through most of Hurricane season with nothing to worry about and then two days before Halloween you send us Sandy.  Not Sandy Duncan, not Sandy Koufax and not even Sandy Olsson (the character played by Olivia Newton-John in Grease).

No you send us Hurricane Sandy a real you know what if I ever saw one.  She lays down some smack on us here at the Jersey Shore, destroying homes and businesses, leaving tens of thousands without power and changes the face of our coastline.   Lives have been ruined and many are still in shelters and others are seeking places to live while wondering when they can return to their homes.

Accident on I-195 during the Nor'easter (Chris Swendeman, Townsquare Media NJ)

Whatever your reason that was not nice Mother but you know we’ve decided you are not getting the best of us and we’re going to “Restore the Shore” whether you like it or not.  Maybe you don’t like that fact so you’ve decided enough is not enough.

9 days after Sandy said “goodbye” you deliver another haymaker... this time in the form of a Nor’easter which is something we’re familiar with.  At another time this might not have been a big deal but considering we’re still dealing with the aftermath of Sandy this was a little tough for us to accept.

While we were bracing for rain and wind you then threw us a curveball, dropped the temperatures and gave us a late-fall snowstorm….really?  3 inches to as much as a foot in our area…come on, is this a bad joke?  Can you at least tell me why you’ve decided to pick on us?  Is it because too many doubt you or your close relative Global Warming?  Is it because nobody sends you a card on Mother’s Day?  Tell me because whatever it is I promise to share it with others and make it right.

Very truly yours,

Kevin Williams

PS- Please don’t tell my mother but you’re #1 on my list.