As I was doing my big closet clean-out recently, I came upon a shopping bag with 2 pair of shoes inside.  They were apparently meant to go to the shoe repair shop but, lost in the mess, I forgot about them.

I recall when I was a kid running errands with Mom that we'd often go to the "shoemaker" as she called him.  I guess back in the day, people who were "cobblers" or "shoemakers" were actually making shoes, but they were also skilled at repairing them.

They can extend the life of those shoes and boots which are comfortable but have worn out heels or soles, for example.  They are great at fixing broken buckles or straps that have detached.  As skilled as they are, I'm sorry to say I haven't been to a repair shop in years!  I guess, caught up in our "disposable" society, it's sometimes easier to just buy a new pair of shoes, (on sale of course ;-))

Does it seem to you that people are replacing things more than repairing them?  Are there some good old fashioned shoe repair shops that you still like to go to?

Here's a list of some of the best in Ocean and Monmouth Counties according to Yelp.