I tried storing my tree in plastic wrap after last Christmas. So when I took it out to set it up this season, here's what happened.

I always hated taking apart the (fake) Christmas tree at the end of the season, knowing it wouldn't properly fit back in the box, and then struggling with the whole mess the following season to get it put back together.

After all, you're dealing with three sections of tree and, if yours is pre-lit like mine, you are dealing with combos of wires and plugs that have to be untangled and matched up in certain combinations in order to work.

Every year I take the tree out of the box and cannot for the life of me remember which plug goes where so that I can get the darn thing all lined up properly and all the plugs to connect in the right order so that all of the lights work (and, believe me, I have tried labeling them.)

So last year I decided not to take the tree apart. Instead, I just removed all of the ornaments and rolled the whole thing up in cling wrap (several layers to keep it tight), then stood it in the corner of the shed.

(photo by liz jeressi)

And this year we carried the whole thing (so what if it looked like a dead body) into the living room, took out the scissors, cut the plastic wrap, and...viola! A perfect Christmas tree all ready to put on the stand.

No mess, no fuss, no trying to shove it back into a box that it never, ever fit in anyway...this really was a fantastic solution. Despite all of you that made fun of me, I will be doing it again at the end of this season : )


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