Governor Chris Christie found himself, again, defending his straightforward and blunt demeanor during the second and final gubernatorial debate with state Senator Barbara Buono.

The first question of the night from moderator Mike Schneider, managing editor of NJ Today, was whether Christie would continue his "strong rhetoric."

The Governor wasted no time saying he wouldn't change a thing.

"The fact is that when folks act in a certain manner, they know I'm going to call them out," Christie responded.

Buono shot back suggesting that Christie's "straight talk" is an example of disrespect for anyone who disagrees with him.

"Quite frankly, I think that undermines coming together in strong bipartisanship and being able to bridge the gap," Buono said.

There was no shortage of attacks during Tuesday night's 90-minute session at Montclair State University. Christie and Buono attacked one another on gay marriage, sick leave payouts, and aligning themselves with corrupt politicians.

The people on stage weren't the only ones getting the audience's attention, however. The program was interrupted twice by members of the crowd who wanted to have their own voices heard.

Governor Christie would still not indicate whether he planned to run for President of the United States in 2016. Buono said Christie is "trivializing the issue" by not giving New Jersey residents a straight answer.