Trick-Or-Treat Times in Ocean County
Trick-Or-Treat is usually on October 31st (Halloween), but as you know because of the annual Toms River Halloween Parade, some of our towns have their Trick-Or-Treat the day before, October 30th.
The Power of Friendships in Ocean County
My one friend has just moved here from Pittsburgh and she only knows a couple of people. I know how scary it can be to move to a new place so I'm doing what I can to help. When I first moved to a new place, a girlfriend hosted a tea party at her place so I could meet some of her friends. The…
Join Shawn & Sue’s Birthday Club
Join Shawn & Sue's Birthday Club - brought to you by Van Holten's Chocolates & Fudge, creating memories one piece of candy at a time!
Tune in for Shawn & Sue's Birthday Club every weekday morning at 6:45AM and listen for your name as we un down all of our listen…
Why We Should Care About World Polio Day
We've made awesome progress fighting the disease called Polio, but there's still the possibility the paralyzing disease could return to previously polio-free countries, putting children everywhere at risk. So it's really important to get down to zero cases. Today, health experts and…
Where are Ocean County’s Best Parallel Parkers?
That weekend road trip with my sister brought to light one of our major differences. I'm a good parallel parker, and she is not. So I thought it would be interesting to find out who the better parallel parker is in YOUR household. Is it you? Your spouse? Your grown children?
Road Trip Led to Sad “Times Have Changed” Realization
I remember in Reading seeing buses from all over the Northeast. As the first outlet center in America, VF was quite the destination. It's where we'd go to stock up on jeans, underwear, socks, sweatshirts, and bathrobes. Soon other brands would be available there so we bought shoes, tool…

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