Remembering a Hero from Brick
This tribute will have you in tears. Here's how you can celebrate the life of a man who did so much for our country and so many others, and perhaps help save another life from the ravages of PTSD.
Heat Advisory: School Closings at the Jersey Shore [LIST]
Today may be the hottest day of the week with temps well into the 90's, so kids at school will be feeling the heat too in some districts. Stay with WOBM for the latest on early dismissals here at the Shore.
Here is the latest we have:
Belmar Elementary School
Closing at 1 p...
Loving Jersey Shore Beaches But Not The Sandy Mess
At the start of the summer, getting sand between your toes is such a great feeling, isn't it?  But then when the novelty wears off, we sometimes can get annoyed by those zillions of granules that get into our cars, homes, and dare I say it...
Dispelling Myths About Summer Cruising (Part 1)
If you haven't planned a trip yet for your summer, you have plenty of options to consider.   Planes, Trains, and Automobiles can get you to where you want to be.  But have you ever considered cruising?  I know there are many people who haven't and I'm guessing it's…
Feeling Better After a Good Cry
This blog post is about crying.  It's a topic that I haven't written about before and yet it's something that all of us do.  (Although many people may try to hide their tears.)
I had a good cry yesterday while watching the One Love Manchester concert on TV...
How Good Are New Jerseyans At S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G?
Did you see any of the Scripps National Spelling Bee?  It just wrapped up with a 12 year old Fresno girl winning the big trophy and $40,000 grand prize.  Seeing the difficult, multisyllabic words the kids had to conquer was very inspiring...
Freedom To Spend Holiday Weekend However We Want
I have no plans for the holiday weekend.  And I'm not bummed out at all!  I'm actually looking forward to some downtime, complete with some mindless TV watching, phone chats with friends in other states, and reading and relaxing in the backyard...

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