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Topic A Blog – Sunday 4/29/2012
Has the President lost respect?  Obama tries to be a roast master at Saturday night’s celebrity studded White House Correspondents Dinner. Click here for the full story and video.
And more topics from your calls:
Topic A Blog – Sunday 4/22/2012
Vulgar or fashion statement?  Bob was appalled by what he sees people wear and what they have to say in public this weekend.
Starting off today's show:  When is using your freedom of speech going too far?
Florida needs to change its gun laws, because innocent people are being killed.
Oil, Oil every whe…
Topic A Blog – Sunday 4/8/2012
Happy Easter and Passover from Topic A.
In the wake of Mike Ritacco’s guilty plea, Toms River School Superintendent Frank Roselli responds with a plan to recover any misused public funds.  Click here for the full story.
And more topics of discussion from your phone calls right he…
Topic A Blog – Sunday 4/1/2012
Should New Jersey lottery jackpot winners have the right to claim their prize anonymously?   New Jersey has a laws that prohibits you from claiming your prize anonymously, so you will never have the privacy that most winners wish they had.  Contact your districts Senator and tell them to change thi…
Topic A Blog – Sunday 3/11/12
The return of Daylight Savings Time, the first anniversary of the tsunami & earthquake in Japan just some of the subjects discussed on Topic A on Sunday, March 11.

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