Bob Levy’s Topic A

Topic A Blog – 01/29/12
New Jersey's Christie Pledges to Veto Gay-Marriage Bill (Video)
Also on todays Topic A: Sue Sedivec, Executive Director of BBBSOC, Tom Luicci, Sports writer for Star Ledge, and in the Studio is Ocean County Freeholder Joe Vicari.
Topic A Blog – Sunday 1/22/12
10th District Assemblyman Greg McGuckin Joins Kevin Williams in the studio during Topic A. 
Click on the link to hear what callers had to say.
And more topics of conversation:
Topic A Blog – Sunday, 12/11/11
Sam Stellatella from Toms River, received a very bad rap for supporting by sending him  $100 to help with his defense back in April when Sandusky was being investigated by a grand jury but nobody knew what for or had any idea it would turn out like it did.

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