New Jersey is known as being the most densely populated state in the nation, we have the highest property taxes, and now a new study finds the Garden State is also most expensive when it comes to fixing your cars.

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"CarMD has been collecting check engine data from across the country, and unfortunately New Jersey came in at the top for 2012 as the most expensive state for car repairs," says CarMD spokesperson Kristin Brocoff.

The average repair in the Garden State totaled $392.

She says the review included anything that can be picked up by the car's computer, including the catalytic converter, the transmission, spark plugs and everything in between.

Brocoff points out if you're relying on your car regularly "and driving in a lot of really harsh stop and go traffic it's definitely going to take its toll on your car."

The survey also found Jersey drivers had double the number of trips to the repair shop in 2012 versus the previous year, probably in large measure because of Superstorm Sandy.

So how can you minimize problems and repair costs?

"You don't have to do more than the suggested maintenance," says Brocoff, "but don't do anything less, don't put off when it says change oil or when there's a warning light on the dashboard, definitely get it done."

She also points out at you can see where your car ranks in terms of reliability, and review the most common check engine problems for your car.