Fire danger alerts are elevated through out the state prompting officials to put campfire restrictions in place.

The New Jersey Forest Fire Service has issued the fire danger alerts state wide because of prolonged dry and windy conditions. A Stage one camp fire restrictions means fires directly on the ground are prohibited unless in a prepared fire ring constructed of steel, stone, brick or concrete with a gravel or masonry base.

The fire danger level is determined to be very high by the forest fire service in Burlington, Monmouth and Ocean counties, as well as Middlesex County south of the Raritan River.



State Forest Fire Service Acting Chief Michael Drake says "It is paramount that New Jersey residents and visitors exercise extreme caution to prevent wildfires at this particularly vulnerable time, with little rain and low humidity."

Officials are urging motorist to discard smoking materials in ashtrays, obtain permits for campfires, keep matches and lighters away from children, and for residents who live near or in forested areas to maintain a defensible buffer by clearing vegetation within 30 feet of structures.

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