A Brick Township 94-year-old is hospitalized for wounds she received in a beating that Ocean County investigators say her granddaughter inflicted.

Katherine Schubert, 37, was jailed in Toms River on $150,000 cash-only bail following this morning's arrest on a charge of aggravated assault, according to information from the office of Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph D. Coronato.

Mary Francis Driscol was found half-conscious on a bed in her apartment and was rushed to Jersey Shore University Medical Center with brain bleed, bloodshot eyes and body bruises and lacerations, authorities said.

A family friend is credited with placing the 911 call that brought police to the dwelling on Courtshire Drive.

According to details issued by the Prosecutor, Michele Schubert, mother of the accused and daughter of the victim, told investigators that she last saw each of them on Friday, May 16 before leaving Brick to return to her home in New York state.

She claimed placing numerous phone calls Friday and Saturday to reach either one, with no success, authorities said, after which she returned and entered with the individual who notified police.

Katherine Schubert was found sitting in the kitcken in a "highly intoxicated" state while Mrs. Driscol was found slumped over a bed, investigators said.

Before her booking, Katherine Schubert was examined at a hospital in Brick Township.

Officials have not disclosed whether a weapon was involved, when the incident took place, the nature of the suspected behavior-influencing substance, or whether any other suspects are being sought, nor have they speculated regarding a motive.