Here's a riddle for you.  What do you get when you take four Democrats, three Republicans and two vetoed ordinances?  Brick Township! 

John Ducey (Facebook)

The pressure cooker continues to sizzle in the municipal building over two measures that cut eight positions and creates three new ones.  Both the Mayor and the Council President are not backing down.

Mayor Steve Acropolis has formally vetoed the restructuring plans which he calls flawed and politically motivated.  Council President John Ducey not only denies that claim but is vowing to overturn his veto.   He says he will fight tooth and nail.

Ducey says "as we have said to the Mayor and the public at the meetings on several occasions, this was meant to be a cost cutting move and nothing more.  It's about efficeny.  This is bloated government and positions Acropolis created that have not been needed.  We will not back down."

Brick Mayor Steve Acropolis (Jason Allentoff/Townsquare Media NJ)

Acropolis has also said the ordinances violate sections of the Open Public Meetings Act and the Sunshine Law.  Ducey tells WOBM News that he himself checked with an outside attorney and everything about the plan has been totally above board.

Ducey calls the issue deja vu.  He says "everytime this council tries to put forward a plan to save taxpayers money, the Mayor shoots it down."

In order for the veto to be overturned, there needs to be a 5 - 2 super majority vote.  This means one of the Republicans who said no to passing it in the first place would have to change their vote.

Ducey is confident they will have enough support to keep the plans alive.