With Election Day 2013 just one week away, the race for the Mayoralty in Brick Township continues to be a closely watched one - even with a virtual vacancy sign sitting on it.

It was earlier this year when Brick Mayor Stephen Acropolis announced to the media and residents in the community, that he would not be seeking another term.  Acropolis was elected in 2007 and has served the last six years through several major issues including the 2 percent tax cap, issues with the Department of Public Works, union contracts and of course, Superstorm Sandy.  It was the latter that helped shape his decision.  He would rather devote his time to helping the Sandy recovery and concentrating on his full time position at the MUA.

When this happened, all the possible candidates came out of the woodwork.  The Democrats have been eyeing up the spot for many years and Councilman John Ducey threw his name into the mix.  Then on the Republican side, Councilman Joe Sangiovanni received the party's endorsement and the backing by Acropolis himself.

Now, both councilmen are trading barbs back and forth.  Ducey has wanted to have a debate with Sangiovanni in a public forum, but when he tried to schedule one with his campaign manager, he received no response.

Ducey explains "I sent e-mail's, left phone messages.  I gave them the entire month of October except for one date that I had a prior commitment.  I never even received a courtesy call back."

It recently came to light that Sangiovanni went bankrupt three times during the past six years - twice through his business and once personally.  Sangiovanni doesn't deny that but he does explain "when they say three bankruptcy's, two of them were the same company and the personal one was driven by the personal expenses of that business."

Ducey says "I don't understand how a man who can't take care of his own finances can run the community.  It just doesn't make sense.  It's obvious he has the same attitude as Acropolis - spend spend spend - and it's seeped through his personal life."

But Sangiovanni tells WOBM News, "I was a victim of the recession. This was not in any way mismanagement.  It was my bread and butter for 15 years.  I owned it with my brother.  It was supposed to be passed down to my children.  That's not happening."

He adds "when Mr. Ducey talks about my situation, he has no idea.  When you're in a situation that gets dire and out of hand, you have to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em."

Sangiovanni feels the fact he went through all of these hardships is why he's better fit to lead.  He says he's been on both sides of the coin.

Ducey feels the Acropolis reign has to end and getting rid of Sangiovanni from Town Hall is the best way to go.  Sangiovanni calls Ducey a liar and someone who can't hack it as a leader due to his lack of experience and his own fiscal irresponsibility.

Election Day is next Tuesday, November 5th.