Changes to a land-use ordinance approved by the Brick Township Council 7-0 Tuesday night include stricter limits as to where public and private schools can be located. Despite what's happening in Jackson, where debate continues over a proposed controversial plan to build an all-girls Orthodox Jewish High School in a residential neighborhood, Brick Mayor John Ducey said the Township's decision to revamp the land-use measure was not in response to that issue. "Since taking over the Administration as of January 1, I wanted to take a look at all the zoning laws, so I had the Council Land-use Committee take a look at what changes needed to be made," said Ducey.

John Ducey (Facebook)

The measure includes not allowing small-type schools in residential zones and details various set-backs and acreage requirements for any new schools Ducey said. "It's really just a recodification of what should be allowed and shouldn't be allowed in different zones."

A public hearing and final vote on the land-use revisions were held Tuesday night.