This year shoppers will have a chance to get an "earlier" jump on black friday! Do you LOVE OR HATE Black Friday ?

Some retailers will kick black friday off a day early...with black thursday! Opening their doors before midnight Thanksgiving night. Do you have a problem with this ? I dont. Alot of people enjoy getting out and enjoying alil exercise, holiday bargains and Christmas decorations and music to kick off their Christmas Season. Stores being open means folks working , which in this economy is great!

So whats the bottom line on black thursday/ friday.... If you dont wanna shop , stay home :)

The Ocean County Breakfast Show will continue its Holiday Tradition...Broadcasting LIVE friday from the Ocean County Mall in Toms River from 5 - 10 AM .... Stop by for fun , holiday music and prizes ! So stop by and join us "center-court" at the Ocean County Mall... Look for Me, Sue and Santa!